Highflyers Tips


You can buy a Block of Days and you can then use them for getting our betting information when it suits you!

The prices of days is as follows - the more you buy the price per day is less:

Number of days
Cost per day

When you have days on your account, getting the bets can be done in two ways (when the bets are ready):

1. By replying to the email invitation you will receive if you have days on your account. This invitation email is sent as soon as the bets are ready – no need to write anything in the reply, just hit reply and send.

2. You can go to our website, log in and if the bets are ready, you will see a green button which says “Accept”  Click on this and you will be sent the bets and audio service by email and you can also immediately view the bets and listen to the audio.

When the number of days on your account gets down to zero you will be sent an email suggesting that it is time to “top up” the number of days on your account.

CLICK HERE for the prices of Subscriptions.